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You got to score a good grade on your dissertation paper since it contributes significantly to your final score. It is not an easy project, and even the top-performing students can attest to its complex nature. You ought to have a convincing dissertation to show you are ready to work professionally in your field.
Your supervisor can be mean, demanding unlimited revisions, which can be draining. Luckily, our team of dissertation professionals can help you reduce the pressure. At NewDissertations.com, we have meticulous writers that have helped students all over for years. Those that have used our services have wonderful reviews about us. Some have referred their friends to buy dissertation online from us!

Why choose us?

We understand the duress you are already in, and we are here to make your journey easier. That is why you can reach our customer support whenever you need our help. It could be you are stuck with your idea or are unable to convey your argument coherently. Whichever the reason, contact us in the middle of the night, very early in the morning, or any time and you will find someone available.
We have a live chat room that enables quick response. Depending on the number of clients in front of you, we are always courteous to let you know the wait time before the next available agent reaches you. It is often a matter of 3-10 minutes, and we have enough staff to ensure you don’t wait longer than this time.
Once you reach our customer support, give your project’s specification and how urgent you need it. The best place to buy dissertation for both masters and PhD programs is with us. After placing your order, one of our best writers will handle it and work within your turnaround time.
Our writers have been offering these services for long, and they understand the importance of following details to the end. If by for any reason, you omit important information when submitting your order, our writers notice it and swiftly request for clarification before starting. This form of communication ensures you get what you ordered and not something written for the sake of meeting the page count.
Buy a PhD dissertation today and beat the deadline set by your supervisor, and make an impressive presentation. Our papers are written to meet the standard requirements, so it will be hard to tell whether it was done by someone else. So, what do I get after I buy my dissertation from you? Here are a few perks:
• High-quality and winning content
• Fast turnaround
• Proper formatting and editing
• Unique content that is passed through premium software to check for plagiarism
• Experienced writers
• Professional and responsive support team
We have ensured our website design is easy to scroll to save you the headache of unfruitful searches. Besides being easy to scroll, we have also worked on its compatibility with different devices. You can use your computer or mobile gadget anywhere to buy dissertation services from us.

Our Features

If you are new to working with NewDissertations.com, you will like our cool features that will help you boost your confidence in us. They include:

Money-Back Guarantee

We promise to deliver quality, and when you are not happy with the work, we can guarantee 100% money back. Instead of walking around seeking help, buy dissertations online using our safe and verified methods. We have a policy that guarantees your financial safety for any service you buy from us. Thus, we ensure you don’t worry about losing money and not receiving the service as promised.
Our policy allows up to 72hours after the dissertation has been delivered to you. To ensure order, we require you to fill a form stating why you would like us to refund your money. When applicable and upon your approval, we can offer to have your order checked by our top writers, and if you don’t want the offer, we refund your money.


We understand the nature of your request, and we promise no information shared with us is revealed to anyone. All work is written under a pseudonym, and our writers do not share this content elsewhere. We value discretion, and unless it is a matter of national security, nobody will ever get any information about you from us.
When paying for the services, you use our approved methods with your banking details. We never ask for passwords to your banking information, and you solely authorize all transactions. Our website is encrypted to ensure scammers do not access valuable information that can be used to intimidate our clients.

Academic Writers

We don’t just pick anyone who claims they can write. We assess our writers’ writing abilities thoroughly before onboarding. We only add writers that have at least a college-level education to our team. They have to provide a valid certification from their institutions to prove they have actually attained the certificate. The PhD level writers handle the orders for masters and PhD.
Our team is proficient in different academic writing styles for assignments, thesis, dissertations, research papers, college and term papers. We have a reliable pool of academic writers to ensure we deliver the best results on time.

Affordable Services

Who said, passing your papers should be expensive? At NewDissertations.com, we consider the customer as king. So, instead of making the already tough dissertation impossible, we have friendly prices for the work. We charge per page, and when compared to other market prices, ours is way cheap to make it affordable to anyone in need.
However, orders with a high urgency such as less than 24hrs have a relatively high price. The longer the turnaround, the lower the price.

Why Buy Dissertation Paper?

Sometimes, you can be too occupied with other schoolwork or have emergencies, leaving little to no room to handle your dissertation. Instead of beating yourself up and end with burnout, you can buy dissertation online. You get time to prepare in other areas and still have your project ready on time.
Our customers buy dissertations from different disciplines because we are an all-inclusive company. When writing your dissertation proposal, our writers are keen not to provide irrelevant information that can fail you. We do not have limitation to the number of orders you can make.
Buying a dissertation paper also helps you to evade countless revision from a mean supervisor. Because we deliver per chapter, you can enjoy a smooth transition from one chapter to the next. Corrections are made at no extra cost from your initial payment. We rectify the areas highlighted until your supervisor is satisfied.
Our expert writers are also willing to offer topic suggestions if you haven’t come up with one for your brilliant idea. Since your dissertation proposal can never be approved without a topic, our writers can suggest a few for submission. It actually becomes easier because both you and the assigned writer understand the scope of your dissertation from the start.
We also reward our customers with amazing discounts. That is, if you buy dissertations in bulk, we have a special deal for such orders. We want you and your friends to pass without being let down by the dissertation part. Reach out to us and get a special quote for such orders.

Is NewDissertations.com Legalized to offer academic services?

We are a law-abiding company, and you can confidently work with us. However, we provide freelance work meant for academic work only. If anyone chooses to use the material sold through the platform for research purposes, we are not liable to such actions. All academic help offered within the forum is credited to the original authors for further reference.

How Do I Find a Professional Writer?

It’s simple. Sign up on our website with a client profile and place your order. You can specify the type of writer you want through a VIP request if you don’t want us to pick a writer for you. Otherwise, we assess the order requirement for general requests and choose a writer matching the instructions provided for you. All our writers are professionals, and you don’t have to worry about your essay’s quality.

How Do I Find the Best Essay Writer?

Like we have mentioned earlier, our writers are all qualified and professional. But, if you want to hire our top 10 writers, you can pay an extra cost to be matched with one of them. These are mostly found in the premium tier and deliver ready submission with no editing required. Because these type of writers are always on demand, they deliver work faster than standard writers, partly due to their excellent writing and research skills, and partly due to their work experience.