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It’s challenging to write a dissertation entirely by yourself. It takes a lot of time, which isn’t easy to find with other assignments or even a job. You might have problems understanding specific sections, and if you are not a gifted writer, you might be unsure how to start. That’s where our dissertation writing service comes into play!

We are professionals with years of experience in writing different essays. Our team gathers authors with PhD degrees in various subject areas. Thanks to that, there’s no dissertation topic we can’t tackle. You can confirm our versatility and reliability by checking out the dissertation writing services reviews on our site. We put maximum effort into every project, and that’s why students and other clients love working with us. If you have a dissertation or essay that you need help with, don’t hesitate to see why we are the best in the business!

We Are a Reliable, Cheap, and User-Friendly Service!

At NewDissertations, there are three aspects we believe to be crucial to ensure 100% client satisfaction. It all starts by gathering writers customers can count on, which means experts in their fields. We have dozens of authors that can provide help writing dissertation assignments and other works.

Here are some main reasons why you can count on our writers:

  • Experts in various areas – the best dissertation writing services only rely on expert authors. Our team has degrees in different fields to ensure maximum versatility and suitability for our clients’ requirements.

  • Suitable for different academic levels – we aren’t only a PhD dissertation writing service. You can also hire us for other academic and miscellaneous work, ranging from essays to speeches and presentations.

  • Always following the instructions – our client should deliver maximum details with the proposal. Make sure to be specific about the requirements, and our writers will know what to do. They can follow the instructions to the smallest detail. That includes adding specific sections, following style and format requirements, including references, etc.

Apart from being a professional dissertation writing service with maximum dedication to each task, our company strives to maintain competitive prices. Many clients love our modest rates, especially since they get maximum value for the money. We like to think it’s the perfect balance between the service quality and the price!

24/7 Customer support That's Always There for You

Do you have a question about our dissertation writing service? Did you remember an additional paper or source that could be useful to our author working on your assignment? Would you like someone to take you through the ordering form?

Whatever question you have regarding the website, our customer support is at your disposal. Our agents are available around the clock, and that includes Sundays and holidays. We know that each hour might be important when you have a tight deadline. That’s why our staff responds promptly and gives its best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Our clients specify that’s a huge part of the entire experience when using our platform!

What Details Affect the Price of Your Dissertation Writing Service?

We like to think that our platform provides cheap dissertation writing services. Our team strives to offer the most affordable rates in the market. However, the actual price will depend on different factors. Here is what can affect the total cost of your order!

Paper Length

The longer the paper, the higher the price. It’s that simple, but the good news is that our price per page is affordable. And if you are a regular client, you might even be eligible for a special discount.

It’s worth noting that you can pick between single-spaced and double-spaced pages. The single-spaced option has 550 words per page and the latter 275 words.


How fast will you need us to finish the dissertation? We are among the top-rated dissertation writing services because of our quality and speed. However, if you give us a shorter deadline, the writers might have to work overtime. That’s why the price is higher when the deadline is ten days and lower for a two-month limit.

It’s worth noting that we understand our clients when they face tight deadlines. However, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible. That’ll give us sufficient time to ensure you get the perfect paper.

Writing Quality and Academic Level

If we are talking about dissertations, you probably need them for a Masters’s or PhD degree. You are welcome to choose the desired level, but the price might depend on the selection. We strive to maintain the highest quality, but make sure to pick a suitable academic option to find the best writer for your project.

You can even choose to work with our top writers as an add-on package. That means you’ll get an author with the highest reviews. It might cost a bit more, but it’ll take the overall paper quality to the next level.

Other Details to Provide

You want to be as specific as possible to make it easier for our writers. These details won’t affect your price, but an author might find them important:

  • Subject area and topic – we make sure the prices remain the same for all subject fields.

  • Style to follow – our team is comfortable with APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, Chicago, Oxford, and other styles.

  • References and sources – you can pick the desired number of sites, articles, and other sources to use in the project.

Ready to Hire a Professional to Help with the Dissertation? Contact Us Today!

f you try our writing service once, we guarantee you’ll become a recurring customer and recommend us to your friends! We are proud of every dissertation writing services review because it’s written from our customers’ heart. Our team strives to maintain friendly relationships with every client and always provide top-quality service.

We understand that you might be on a tight schedule and need to complete a dissertation quickly. Our writers will do everything to deliver your order within the deadline, even if that means working overtime. Please contact us if you have any questions or place your order now via our website!

A Streamlined Ordering Process

Our website was designed by expert developers and graphic designers. Thanks to that, we have a modern layout and an intuitive interface. You can easily find all information about different services, and placing an order is as easy as ABC.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to place an order:

  1. You can head to the Order page or specify the basic details on the homepage. The system will now take you to the full order form.

  2. The first part of the ordering form requires providing basic information about you. We’ll need a valid e-mail since that can be a way of notifying you as soon as we send the work to your website account.

  3. The next section involves providing details about the assignment. We suggest entering all details you have. Please be specific since that helps our authors. It enables us to learn about the detailed expectations, which assists us in providing top-quality work.

  4. Once you enter all details, you’ll receive a proposal. You’ll find the rates are competitive and realistic. If you agree with the price, you can proceed to the payment.

  5. The payment involves using a valid credit card or another available payment method. We use a safe and encrypted platform, and all your details remain safe.

After processing the transaction, we waste no time delivering your order to the most suitable author. They start preparing your paper as soon as possible, and we make sure you receive it in the specified timeline.

Why You Should Choose Our Platform

Total privacy and confidentiality

Total privacy and confidentiality

you don't want anyone to find out about the fact you hired dissertation writing services? That's perfectly fine because our platform offers 100% confidentiality. We never reveal your identity, and our privacy policy ensures your data stays safe. That means we'll never let third-party websites and other third parties access it.
Top-quality work and help throughout the process

Top-quality work and help throughout the process

we are here to help at any stage of the dissertation writing process. Are you having problems with preparing a superb discussion section, or are you stuck on methodology? Our authors are there to help from the initial to the final writing phase. We'll ensure your dissertation looks flawless and impresses everyone!
On-time delivery is the primary priority

On-time delivery is the primary priority

our authors understand the importance of completing your dissertation within the deadline. That's why we ask you to specify urgency when ordering the paper. It always helps to have extra time to work on the task, but our authors are experts when writing under pressure. We have an on-time delivery set as the top priority to ensure your full satisfaction.

Am I cheating by hiring someone to help with writing my dissertation?

Imagine this situation – you don’t understand the topic well. You might be unsure what to write about in the dissertation or in its specific chapter. It’s only natural to ask someone for help, which is probably how you came across our service.

NewDissertations is a platform where you can find assistance when preparing a dissertation. It’s not cheating to ask someone for help. Our writers can assist in writing the assignment, prepare a specific chapter for you, or proofread and edit your work. We only recommend using the content delivered by our writers as a helping tool when preparing your essay. However, it’s up to the clients how they’ll use the paper once they receive it.

How difficult is it to write a dissertation?

It depends on various factors, but experts agree that dissertations are among the trickiest academic assignments. It’s vital for your academic career, which is why investing maximum time and effort is expected. Additionally, you want to prepare an extraordinary paper to impress your tutor, fellow students, and anyone else who reads the content.

Many students are struggling during the process, and that’s why they resort to hiring an online dissertation writing service. We are ready to assist with any stage or type of academic work. All it takes is to contact us and send the task details, and we’ll get a suitable writer working on it right away.

What’s the most challenging section to write when preparing a dissertation?

top-quality dissertation should contain six main chapters.
Those include:

  • Abstract – it contains problem and thesis statements but also summarizes methodology and findings.
  • Introduction – an introduction chapter should get the reader to understand the problem and the importance of resolving it.
  • Literature review – it is a detailed overview of each source used. It contains the main opinions and themes of the reference, but also how it’s related to your work.
  • Methodology – many consider it a crucial chapter. It should present and explain the research methods, such as questionnaires, lab tests, etc.
  • Results – in this chapter, you talk about the results of the research.
  • Discussion – the last chapter includes to discuss data and compare findings with other researches. It’s often combined with the conclusion.

The general rule is that students find the methodology and results to be the most challenging chapters. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our dissertation writing compan

How to find the best dissertation writing service?

The critical thing when choosing top dissertation writing services is to ensure a reliable writer will handle your work. The author needs to have comprehensive knowledge about the subject and topic. They should also be fluent in English and comfortable with formatting and other requirements.

Another element to consider is how easy it is to use the platform. The ordering form should be simple and shouldn’t take a lot of your time. The company should offer multiple payment methods and safe transactions. Finally, customer service should be ready to answer any question. You’ll find that NewDissertations comply with all the latest industry standards. We provide top service to our clients, so don’t hesitate to use our authors for even the most demanding academic work!